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Get more OneDrive for Business storage

Today´s another quick tip for Microsoft 365 users: If you are using OneDrive for Business (OFB) and encounter the default 1 TB storage limitations, there is a way to get more storage space.

To do so, see the article by John Patrick White at Increase your OneDrive Storage Limit beyond 5 TB and Joel Olson´s blog post at Three tiers to increase to unlimited storage in OneDrive for Business. It is not very well known that the storage quota can be controlled and extended. Thank you guys, this is valuable for many Office 365 users with a lot of files!

The basic idea described in the articles is to extend the initial quota in OFB from 1TB to 5TB in the OneDrive Admin UI or with PowerShell. Admins can set the new quota up to 5TB for the tenant, or for individual users. When a user has reached 4.5TB or 90%, open a support ticket with Microsoft to extend the storage to 25TB. From there, it goes on: Reach 90% of storage space again, open a support ticket to increase the OFB storage, and so on. Read the details in the two articles above.


Get more storage space! Photo by Ruchindra Gunasekara on Unsplash

The cloud offers almost infinite storage space. Use it!