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How to use Office 365 Home for sharing or How to get 5 times 1 TB OneDrive storage and 5 times 60 Skype minutes per month

If you have a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 Home, you get a lot of additional benefits with that subscription: You get 1 TB of OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month - more or less for free. The second well known secret is, that you can share these benefits with up to four persons!

Office 365 Home costs USD 9.99 per month, so about USD 120 per year. Currently there's even a price reduction and you get this subscription for only USD 99.99 per year, see Looking to buy Office?.


This subscription can be used on up to 5 PC's or Macs - and the benefits can even be shared!

So EACH USER gets 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage and 60 Skype minutes per month!


Wow, or? Not so many users know that fact, so this is why I wanted to write about it...

So, how can you activate that benefits?

To activate an Office 365 Home subscription login and the use and enter your subscription product key there.

When this is done... (or if you already have activated your subscription and start fresh....):
Login with your Microsoft Account on any "Live URL" like and then (after successful login) open the URL

On the MyAccount page you see a dashboard with the option to install Office, to share your Office 365 subscription, to manage your account, to Visit (and activate) Sykpe and to open the associated OneDrive cloud storage.


Now go to "Share Office 365". Here you can add up to four users by inviting them via email address.


Tip: I got some errors that the invitation could not be sent (with some GUID error code). I used "Ask Support" and opened a chat. After chatting with some helpful guy, he could fix that issue and sending the invitation worked.

The invited user receives the email and has to accept the invitation. That's it.

It can take some minutes that the 1TB storage shows up in (or directly in ManageStorage).


Enjoy the multiple benefits of Office 365 Home with up to five persons!

Thanks Martina Grom, Office 365 MVP, for the tips! Zwinkerndes Smiley

Comments (2) -

  • Nicholas

    12/13/2015 6:54:03 AM |

    Does this work with an E3 license?

  • Toni Pohl

    12/14/2015 12:57:39 PM |

    Hi Nicholas,
    with the E3 plan you can use this license on up to 5 devices as well - but you cannot share these license with other users like in the Office365 Home Edition.
    hth! best, Toni