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One designer has an idea for the future of Windows (8.2)

Recently posted an article about a study of designer Jay Machalani. The new Windows 8 start screen is cool, but in many aspects inconsistent to the classic desktop.  So Jay put together a plan to improve that a little bit...

Back to the Start: imagining a better Windows

Here are Jay´s results of a new Windows 8 start menu.


Interesting. Or maybe so?


Pictures taken from TheVerge. Click on a picture to open the source article.

See also Jay Machalani´s Blog: Fixing Windows 8.

Let´s see if Microsoft will have plans for a new Windows 8.2 start menu...

I´m personally happy and in peace with the new Windows 8 start screen.

Anyway - I like the design concepts. Zwinkerndes Smiley