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Say hello to the new Delegate365 website!

We´re happy to publish our new website today! Since Delegate365 is a very attractive tool for managing users and licenses in Microsoft Office 365 it also deserves a top modern and fancy product website. So, here it is! Have a look and check it out!


The redesign starts with our new logo for Delegate365, from the left it´s the cloud symbol going into a capitalized D followed by the product name.


The website is (of course) a responsive (more or less) one-pager with some animations and all the main information in it, from an overview to functional levels, screenshots, videos (more to come), our prices, some clients and the FAQs.

I especially like the transitions in the page, they make it really vivd and deliver a great user experience. Some more minor improvements will follow in the next days. - Hope you like it!

By the way: A new improved version of Delegate365 will arrive soon... Zwinkerndes Smiley

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