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Statistics about the current world population

And now for something completely different: Have a look at an interesting visualization of the current world population with dense population density and some impressive numbers.



At a glance we see India, China, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan in very dark red, also parts of Europe have a dense population.

See also with the Top 10 most populus countries worldwide:


On top there is China with about almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, followed closely by India with almost 1.3 billion people and USA with about 320 million people. Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan follow with about 250 to 200 million people. Even tiny states like Bangladesh have almost 170 million inhabitants, more than huge Russia! Also Japan with about 127 million people is in the top 10 list.

Currently we have about 7.2 billion humans on the planet.


Also the statistics shows interesting data with a birth every 8 seconds and a death every 12 seconds...


Interesting data!