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Test the speed of the Azure datacenters from your location

When using Azure services or products running on Azure like our Delegate365 it is important to place them in a datacenter near you to get a low latency.

Currently Microsoft Azure is available in 17 regions worldwide, see Azure Regions.


There are some websites performing speed tests and providing the necessary information for the decision where to locate Azure services for your location.

The first speed test is (which is also available on


I am located in Vienna, Austria. During my test the result was not surprising: "It looks like your nearest Data Center is North Europe. There appears to be a CDN Node nearer your location." So for me the best regions are North and West Europe.

A second service to test the latency is by Blair Chen.


...which shows similar results. Again, for my location West Europe and North Europe have similar performance and are the first choice.

See also


There exist a lot more speed tests for Azure datacenters on the web. This is just a small compilation to get an impression and to compare the results to make a proper decision for the region to select.

Try it out from your location to find the best datacenter for your Azure services!

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