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Women's History Month-2022 Edition Recap, looking forward to 2023

March 8th is celebrated worldwide as Women's day. There is more of that: March is Women's History Month. Working as a women in technology is not as exotical as it was 25 years ago, still, there is room for improvement to engage women to look into jobs in technology and also to engage them to bond with other women in technology and join allies with like minded people in the industry.

In 2022 I started with the idea to celebrate women's history month with highlighting a women in Tech every day and write why she is a role model for me and what she does. But why only 2022? Why not 2023 as well? There are still so many women around us which I want to celebrate in the 31 days of march. What are your women or March? #WomensHistoryMonth


Overall, Women's History Month is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and to recognize the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

Women in Technology, recap of 2022 edition

As a recap, the 2022 list is summarized here. I admire each of them a lot and they are role models for me. The list is per day, for each day in March. This year I will post every day in Twitter, again. stay tuned till 1st of March. Some of the listed women here left Twitter in the last year. Still, I kept the original post as a recap.


  • Julie Lerman, @julielerman, 1/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @julielerman - I love Julie for her knowledge, passion, empathy - she is an expert and very well known in the dev community #dotnet #womenintech
  • Isabelle van Campenhoud, @thesqlgrrrl, 2/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @thesqlgrrrl - every time I have a question about #PowerBI or Power Platform I can safely ask Isabelle. And I can talk about vegan food with her! #womenintech
  • Kathleen Dollard, @KathleenDollard, 3/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @KathleenDollard - I met Kathleen first before she joined #MSFT - recording a #podcast at #mvpsummit. Now she works on #dotnet Core CLI and Languages #MSFT #womenintech #femalecoders #InspiringWomen
  • Megan Strant, @MeganStrant, 4/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @MeganStrant - I met Megan first through her husband. For me, she can manage everything: family, job, life. she talks about #neurodiversity #projectmanagement, #Microsoft365 and so much more. She is a reliable and trustworthy resource. Every time I talk to her I learn something new.
  • Allison Krug, @allinison, 5/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @allinison - I met Allison first in Singapore and I am still fascinated how fast we connected, found common ground and a lot to talk. She is passionate, engaging and a huge motivation. I am happy that she is in my life, even if only via Twitter #womenintech #inspiringwomen
  • Tracy van der Shyff, @tracyvds, 6/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @tracyvds - Tracy has her heart on the right place. She loves what she does, you can rely on her, she is authentic and transparent. Learn about #Microsoft365 #acm from her. Or go for a bike ride if you are in ZA.
  • Heike Ritter, @HeikeRitter, 7/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @HeikeRitter - Heike is now PM at #MSFT for Microsoft 365 Defender. We wrote a book together, we share our love for technology, life, love. She is a great friend and I really care about her. #womenintech #inspiringwomen
  • Mary Jo Foley, @maryjofoley, 8/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @maryjofoley - She knows about #MSFT from beginning. she is a #notepad & #beer fan. in 2010 I was brave enough to talk to her at my one & only #WPC, I felt very honoured to be a guest at  #MJFChat #womenintech #inspiringwomen 
  • Christina Storm, @chrissto, 9/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @chrissto - Christina was our counterpart in a - at that time - very secret and very early project at #msft. Now she is a great friend and she is very often a good mentor to me. A very creative mind, working at #google #youtube
  • Theresa Miller, @24x7ITConnect, 10/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @24x7ITConnect - I met Theresa at ITDevconnections in Las Vegas a long time ago. She is simply brilliant and knows about #Citrix #Vmware and is a #MSFT #MVP #mvpbuzz - she has so much empathy and friendliness, I am always happy if I can meet her or talk to her.
  • Katrin Giza, @katko, 11/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @katko - Katrin was my first MVP lead and without her motivation, inspiration and support I wouldn't have come so far. She gave me life lessons and I really miss her as being an advocate for women in the #mvpbuzz community.
  • Yina Arenas, @yina_arenas, 12/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @yina_arenas - Yina is a #MicrosoftGraph mastermind and a true rolemodel for every women in IT. We share the love for chocolate and the passion for #microsoftgraph - she leads one of my favorite Teams! Family, children and career while being a mentor for so many, it seems so easy for her. #inspiringwomen
  • Petra Thomas, @p3traxy, 13/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @p3traxy - I met Petra the 1st time in Redmond & we spent a week together in a room thinking about what it needs to be a #MicrosoftTeams Admin. She knows the best icecream spots in PNW. She is kind & super helpful #Inspiringwomen
  • Laurie Pottmeyer, @lauriepottmeyer, 14/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @lauriepottmeyer - today is the 5th birthday of #MicrosoftTeams and if you are connected to the Teams community you know Laurie for sure. I could not imagine the #MicrosoftTeams community without her - she connects, engages, listens, improves and bring MVPs and the PG closer together. she cares so much about all of us and I am beyond thankful for that. and she likes shoes. like, a lot of shoes. ;-) drives #womeninteams
  • Susan Hanley, @susanhanley, 15/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @susanhanley - Susan knows everything about #SharePoint #Intranets #Collaboration - she is my trusted resource when I have questions about those topics. Very often when I research things I find her articles.
  • Miceile Barrett, @MSFTMiceile, 16/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @MSFTMiceile - I met (Ma-kay-la Barrett) first at Microsoft Ignite the Tour and adopted her immediately into the #SharePoint community - she is all about #MicrosoftLists
  • Julia White, @julwhite, 17/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @julwhite - Julia is a #MSFT alumni and now Executive Board Member of #SAP - she drove the cloud business at #msft. She is a sharp mind, she listens and she is the fastest speaking person I ever met.
  • Melanie Hohertz, @Hohertz3, 18/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @Hohertz3 - I met Mel first at #MSFTIgnite in Chicago in the speaker room while she was preparing her session and I was totally in #procrastination mode. She knows about user adoption, change management and #Yammer. I adore her for her temper and her availability to describe things in many colors. happy to meet her soon in person again
  • Karin Huber, @karin112358, 19/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @karin112358 - for me Karin is the heart and soul of - she organizes @CoderDojoLinz where children learn how to code and supports #GlobalAzure in Linz. #vegan #dancer #angular #css - infinite energy and talent
  • Agnes Molnar, @molnaragnes, 20/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @molnaragnes - if you want to know about search - it is Agnes. Agnes is an international expert for search and #SharePoint, she is an entrepreneur and #StartUpMentor while managing her family with 3 beautiful kids. She shows how to be a #rolemodel and a human with a big heart.
  • Heather Cook Newman, @heddanewman, 21/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @heddanewman - For me Heather is the source of adoption, change & champions management. She knows how to build a community, how to support people that they achieve more and grow beyond their limits. Now she is Principal PM Mgr, #PowerPlatform #MSDyn365 team and watch this community grow! heddanewman | Twitter | Linktree
  • Lesley Crook, @Lesley_wolan, 22/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @Lesley_wolan - I met Lesley at #mvpbuzz summit in a studio - both jetlagged, but extremely motivated. She has so much knowledge in #acm #workingoutloud #yammer #msftviva and is a true visionary
  • Phoummala Schmitt, @ExchangeGoddess, 23/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @ExchangeGoddess - I met Phoummala first time in Las Vegas and I know chocolate martinis now. She knows #Cloud, #Exchange, #Virtualization and how to eat, live and love.
  • Kerstin Rachfahl, #kerstinrachfahl, 24/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is #kerstinrachfahl - Kerstin was an early expert in all things around #office365 and #microsoft365 - her passion is writing and now she is an autor of many books and I hope I can read all of them!
  • Liz Sundet, @percusn, 25/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is  @percusn - Liz knows all about #MSFTViva connections #SharePoint - she is kind and very insightful. For many years I was not brave enough to talk to her but now I am happy I did. Thx that you follow this tiny initiative!
  • Amy Dolzine, @amydolz, 26/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @amydolz - Amy brings reason, clarity and information to every discussion about #Yammer #Employeeexperience #SharePoint #ACM - she has an user- and business focused view on topics and that supports anyone who comes with a technology perspective.
  • Tina Stenderup-Larsen, @TinaStenderup, 27/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @TinaStenderup - at #mvpbuzz summit a couple of years ago many MVP's answered the question: who is most important for you as an MVP with "Tina!". Now I know. I adore her for her talent to bring people together and about her continuous attempt to make the best for and out of the community. #mvpbuzz
  • Nina Pollak, @SpectoLogic, 28/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @SpectoLogic - Nina is a very talented programmer with expertise in #Azure development and someone I reach out to for specific questions. A very kind soul who fights for her opinion and for more color in life. #lgbtq
  • Becky Benishek, @beckybenishek, 29/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @beckybenishek Becky is a trusted person for me as we share similar thoughts about life and chocolate. Besides her knowledge as a #Microsoft365 MVP she is also an author and publishes books for children.
  • Angela Schnellert, @schnella, 30/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @schnella - Angela is a person I met first through #Twitter & afterwards in person. She is part of the #SharePoint community. She is experienced, passionate & straight forward. All things I admire in people.
  • Melissa Hubbard, @melihubb, 31/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @melihubb - Melissa is my former MVP colleague & I enjoyed running ‍♀️ & talking with her. Now she works at #MSFT & is evangelizing #microsoftteams - I miss her at conferences - so whenever u have the chance 2 attend a session with her, do it.  #microsoftteams

This year I will start posting the next round of 31 amazing women who are in technology and are experts in their profession. Let us show there are many Women in Tech!

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