Add your local IP address to a SQL Azure Firewall easily

2017-05-06 | Toni Pohl

When working with SQL Azure you are aware that a connection is just established, if the client’s IP address is configured in the firewall of the SQL Azure database server. You needed to open the Azure Portal-SQL servers service and add your IP address manually. Well, the good story is, now the SQL Server 2016 Management Studio does this for you!

At my home, the ISP renews IP addresses constantly. So, it’s always an effort to add my current IP address manually in the Azure Portal to be able to connect. Well, this can be done with Azure PowerShell as well, but I never automated that.


Now, my SQL Management Studio surprised me by offering to add my current IP address with a new wizard. You just need to authenticate with an Azure account and add the suggested client IP address without the need to perform this action in the Azure Portal, simply as follows.


Maybe this is not a new feature, but I just stumbled about that and thought, well, that’s a useful addition to SQL Management Studio 2016!

Happy connecting! Winking smile

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