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Trust the box? Working with the Relevance Score in Microsoft 365

In the Microsoft 365 platform, productivity and recommendations are created to inform users about their relevant data. For example, Microsoft Delve is an app showing such information to a user. Another service is Microsoft Viva Insights (formerly MyAnalytics) that sends out statistics according to the motto "Work smarter with personal productivity insights in Microsoft 365". While this can be very useful for users to quickly find and discover relevant data, works councils are often sensitive to personal data in a company. So how can we explain what is happening here and invalidate what data is visible to individual users and what data is visible to other users? Well, here is some information about the Microsoft 365 "works with" features.

Unsere Microsoft 365 Success Story: Adoption in Zeiten von Distance Learning mit Diakonie - Eine Welt

Das Unterrichten in den vergangenen Jahren - ob per Fernunterricht, Hybrid- oder Präsenzunterricht - hat viele Herausforderungen und Chancen für PädagogInnen und SchülerInnen mit sich gebracht. Unser Kunde, die Diakonie – Eine Welt, hat gemeinsam mit uns ein inklusives Lernerlebnis mit Microsoft 365 geschaffen. Lest mehr dazu in unserer Microsoft 365 Success Story!

Power Platform Environments and Governance Tips

The Microsoft Power Platform enables individual solutions to be developed and business processes to be easily automated. When it comes to controlling the solutions, it is important to establish an IT governance in the organization. There are many areas and details about it. For this reason, I've put together a summary here with some news and helpful tips.