Microsoft Entra Causes Identity Crisis: Azure AD Becomes Microsoft Entra-ID

2023-07-12 | Toni Pohl

Microsoft has announced its latest rebranding project, causing confusion and curiosity throughout the tech community. Get ready ladies and gentlemen, because Azure AD has shed its old identity and has become the powerful "Microsoft Entra-ID"!

The name Azure AD was unwieldy, but established. The name change has drawn mixed reactions from industry experts. Some have lauded Microsoft for its bravery, claiming that the name "Microsoft Entra-ID" (ME-ID ?) captures the essence of identity management in a way no other name ever could. Others, however, raised skeptical eyebrows, wondering if the marketing team was too creative to change an established name during the brainstorming session. But from the ashes of Azure AD, Entra-ID rises like a phoenix and promises to be the ultimate custodian of your digital identity.

According to Microsoft, Entra-ID will continue to offer the same reliable features that we all know and love from Azure AD. So you can rest assured that you can continue to take full advantage of managing user access and authentication, but now with a fancier name that will have you asking for the next months, "Wait, what was that again?". However, I don't want to have the job of changing all the portals and documentation to the new name.

Read the announcement here: To simplify our product naming and unify our product family, we’re changing the name of Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID.


As stated in the article: With the name change to Microsoft Entra ID, the standalone license names are changing. Also, Microsoft Entra is expanding into the Security Service Edge (SSE), which is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of security services.

See the announcement at Microsoft Entra expands into Security Service Edge and Azure AD becomes Microsoft Entra ID!

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