Components of Delegate365

2017-02-27 | Toni Pohl

Since the beginning, Delegate365 developed to an extensive cloud solution for Microsoft Office 365. This article delivers a short overview about the components of Delegate365 in the Microsoft Cloud.

The following graphics shows the involved Azure services that are used in D365.


Delegate365 is using Platform-as-a-Service components that are maintenance-free. In detail, Delegate365 consists of the following Azure services.

When provisioned, every customer gets his own environment which looks as described above. The provisioning process is done with a management tool called “D365 Worker”. This tool runs completely in Azure as well and takes care about automated provisioning of all necessary components and the upgrade process.

Since Delegate365 is provided as Software-as-a-Service, there is no need for customers to install any software or to take care about update process. See the latest Delegate365 features here.

Happy Delegate-ing!

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