Delegate365 changelog version 3.9-It’s all about sync, admin settings and branding

2015-06-11 | Toni Pohl

The next version of Delegate365 is here! In Delegate365 version 3.9 we have even more cool features and improvements. The sync processes now offers a bunch of innovations for automatic assignments to Delegate365 OU’s and was unified with the automatic sync function. Another switch was implemented to prohibit Admins access to the user’s mailbox settings as well as the new options for branding Delegate365 with your company logo and themes and some more features. See the details here:

Update: When initially posting this changelog article I forgot some more features, here they are.

Again, a lot of new features in the newest version of Delegate365! We hope you like it, enjoy!

Delegate365 version 3.9 will be rolled out in the next days to all existing tenants.

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