atwork wins the Microsoft Austria Partner Innovation Award 2023

2023-11-28 | Toni Pohl

Congratulations to the atwork team behind the Sign Language Project ( for winning the Microsoft Austria Partner Innovation Award 2023! The project aims to develop a machine learning model that can automatically translate Sign Language into text and transmit this text into various communication programs, such as Microsoft Teams. It is an innovative development and research project for sign language recognition with Azure Artificial Intelligence Services (Azure AI).

The SLR project is a remarkable example of how technology can have a positive impact on society using modern AI technology. We congratulate the project initiator Peter Hödl, who started this project around two years ago and continues to work hard together with the team to create an integrable solution.

The award was handed over to our project manager and CEO, Martina Grom, at the Microsoft Austria Partner Day in the Ariana event location in Vienna on November, 21st. The snapshot shows Martina and Peter at the event.

Martina and Peter with Microsoft Partner Innovation Award 2023

Winning the Microsoft Austria Partner Innovation Award 2023 is a significant achievement that recognizes the team’s outstanding work. The award is a great endorsement of the team's ability to innovate and create solutions that make a difference and can also serve as an inspiration to others in the industry to do good through modern technology.

The SLR project is still under development and does not have a ready-to-use product yet. However, the team is committed to making this project a reality. Keep an eye out for future updates and find out more about the project on the website. Thanks to Microsoft Austria for the award and for trusting our project!

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