Women's History Month-2023 Edition Recap, looking forward to 2024

2024-03-02 | Martina Grom

Back in 2022 I started to celebrate Women’s history month, which happens each year in March by highlighting women in technology that inspired me. March 8th is celebrated worldwide as Women’s day. At the end of March in 2022 it was clear that I wanted to continue the series because we are many. And I want all of them to shine, because every women makes an impact in the industry. Each of these women has made significant contributions to the tech industry, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations.

A look back at 2023

Last year I spotlighted a diverse group of women, from pioneers in computer science to leaders in AI, cybersecurity, and software development. Some of them I have the privilege to know them personally, others not (yet). All of them are united by one thing: these women have proven that gender is no barrier to success in technology.

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As a recap, the 2023 list is summarized here. I admire each of them a lot and they are role models for me. The list is per day, for each day in March. This year I will again post every day in Twitter (X), stay tuned till throughout March. Not all of them are still on Twitter, I try to include links to their blogs, sites, or whereever you can find them. 

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  • Estelle Auberix: 1/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @FollowEstelle - Estelle is a fellow #MSFT Regional Director & #Azure MVP. She lives in beautiful France, is part of the #aMS community. well known international speaker. as a certified trainer #MCT  #womenintech 
  • Allie Thompson: 2/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @alliewiz13 - I met Allie for the 1st time in 2019 in person on #MSFT campus. Back then I and a couple of other MVPs explained her what we are and why we love #Microsoft365 - she is incredible kind and she supports her MVPs a lot. #womenintech
  • Joanne C Klein: 3/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @JoanneCKlein - if you have questions about #compliance #purview and #Microsoft365 - read her blog and follow her sessions. fellow #MVP
  • Lonya (Loni) D. French: 4/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @LonyaDFrench - Lonya is an expert for all things user adoption and #Yammer - she is part of the #YamFam & I hope to get the opportunity again to speak together with her  on #VivaEngage as well
  • Katherine Johnson: 5/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is Katherine Johnson. Mathematician, #NASA employee, she was instrumental in calculating the trajectories for numerous space missions, including the first human spaceflight by an American astronaut."Hidden Figures."  Genuis (IQ said to be 160+).  #katherinejohnson
  • Claire Novotny: 6/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @clairernovotny - Claire is PM in the @nuget Team working for @DotNet at #MSFT. She is a former Executive Director of the .NET Foundation. She was a fellow #MSFT Regional Director and #MVP
  • Sara Fennah: 7/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @sfennah - Sara is a fellow #vivaexplorer, #MCT, #MVP, MCT Regional Lead (U.K.) - she calls herself a Microsoft superfan. I call her a very empathetic and thoughful human who cares a lot. #womenintech #msftviva
  • Diana Adams: 8/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @adamsconsulting - Diana is the first woman I followed on Twitter when I started in 2009. I don't even know her in person but I like her tweets, her humor, her authenticy. I think we share some #StarWars fandom.  #womenintech
  • Katja Jokisalo: 9/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @katjajokisalo - Katja is a fellow #MVP in the #Microsoft365 and #MCT. She is part of the #vivaexplorers initiative and - besides listending to her great sessions I also like to see her travelling and enjoying life. #womenintech
  • Sarah Haase: 10/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @sarahhaase - Sarah is an all up #Microsoft365 talent. ask her about #Yammer #VivaEngage  #Security #Compliance & will always get the right answer #MVP awarded 2022 U.S. Bank Legends of Possible #womenintech #msftviva
  • Michele Leroux Bustamante: 11/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @michelebusta - Michelle is a fellow #MSFT RD and #MVP. She is an expert for security and microservices. I am always happy when we meet in person and the occasions are rare now. CIO and co-founder of Solliance. #womenintech
  • Ada Lovelace: 12/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is Ada Lovelace, often considered the world's 1st computer programmer, mathematician. She wrote the 1st algorithm intended 2 be processed by a machine, her work laid the groundwork 4 modern computing #womenintech #AdaLovelace @FindingAda
  • Miri Rodriguez: 13/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @MiriRod - I met Miri first in Paris at the #mwcparis when I listened to her keynote about storytelling. I learned to (try to) always wait 3 sec before I reply - and this tip is really life changing. Read her book! She is chief storyteller at #MSFT
  • Ann Johnson:14/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @ajohnsocyber - Ann is CVP #cyberseurity at #msft and host of #AfternoonCyberTea Podcast where she talks with cybersecurity thought leaders and influential industry experts about the trends shaping the cyber landscape and what should be top-of-mind for the C-suite and other key decision makers
  • Adi Polak: 15/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @AdiPolak - Adi is a Data & AI Practitioner and her recent book is about scaling Machine Learning with Spark - she is helping developers adopt best practices #AI
  • Laura Rogers: 16/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @WonderLaura - If you want to learn about #SharePoint and #PowerApps Laure is THE person to go! Her workshop at the upcoming #M365Conf is all about Low code app functionality
  • Karuana Gatimu: 17/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @Karuana - Karuana is Customer Advocacy lead in #MicrosoftTeams - learn from her to be a super community human and lsiten to her talks about #governance #community #adoption - her feedback is always valuable for me to be a better person.  #microsoft365 #womenintech
  • Sonia Cuff: 18/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @SoniaCuff - Sonia is a former fellow #MVP and now Infrastructure Advocacy Lead at #msft - she talks about #Azure #Containers and infrastructure in the cloud #womenintech she is a rolemodel to me
  • Grace Hopper: 19/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @gracehopperfsa Grace Hopper is credited with developing the first compiler, which translates source code into machine-readable code. She also helped develop the programming language COBOL and was instrumental in the development of early computer systems. And she filed the first bug.
  • Kate Gregory: 20/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @gregcons - Kate is a fellow MVP. Kate has been using C++ since before Microsoft had a C++ compiler. Her mentorship, sessions and courses helped hundreds of thousands of developers to be better at what they do. #womenintech
  • Beatriz Oliveira: 21/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @beatrizoliveira - Beatriz is a fellow #MVP and #RD - she is the #CEO and founder with her technical and design expertise she brings  UX solutions to Microsoft technologies.Beatriz is actively involved in STEM education for youth, hosting monthly coding events for children. #womenintech
  • Anna Chu: 22/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @_achu - In her former role Anna supportet us MVP's in growing and developing our skills and I am beyond thankful that she did. She is a true bacon fan and now she supports #Azure partners. You might have seen her at some #MSFT stock images, mostly security related.
  • Erica Toelle: 23/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @EricaToelle - Erica is a former fellow #MVP and now she works as Sr. Product Mktg Manager for Data Lifecycle + Records Management at #MSFT - she talks #recordsmanagement & #compliance read her book
  • Branka Slinkar: 24/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @BrankaSlinkar - Branka is the CEO of Kompas Xnet, a Slovenian based IT company. And she is the heart and soul of Thrive conference. If you ever consider to visit a conference in beautiful Slovenia with international speakers - #Thriveconf is the event to go. I've never met someone else who cares so much about community speakers as she does.
  • Michelle Caldwell: 25/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @shellecaldwell - Michelle is an expert for workplace and digital transformation. She is a #Microsoft365 community evangelist and international speaker. She knows how to build and engage Teams through her 18 years experience in technology. #womeninit
  • Radia Perlman: 26/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is Radia Perlman. A computer programmer and network engineer, #RadiaPerlman is known as the "Mother of the Internet" for her work in developing the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which is used to prevent network loops in Ethernet networks. Her innovations have made a huge impact on how networks self-organize and move data.
  • Zoe Wilson: 27/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @SharePoint_Zoe - Zoe is a fellow #MVP and a huge treasure for the #VivaExplorers - she supports and mentors novice speakers for events and she drives #diversity in technology #womenintech
  • Emily Mancini: 28/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @EEMancini - Emily is a fellow #MVP, Principal Architect at Sympraxis & @M365PnP team member - she is an expert in #SharePoint user adoption and blogs about practical tips for #Microsoft365  #womenintech
  • Kim Kischel: 29/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @KimKischel - I met Kim for the first time when she worked at #MSFT Germany. Kim is a #cybersecurity expert who now leads a team that markets security for endpoints. Extended Detection Response (XDR). #womenintech
  • Jonah Andersson: 30/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @cjkodare - Jonah is a fellow #MVP for #Azure, Software Engineer, Developer & DevOps Engineer from Sweden. I met Jonah for the first time at #CloudSummit - her level of knowledge and energy is incredible! Read her soon to be published book #womenintech
  • Laura Kokkarinen: 31/31 in #WomensHistoryMonth is @LauraKokkarinen - Laura is a fellow #MVP and I am a huge fan of her. She knows what she talks about. She develops solutions by utilising modern technologies, such as #SPFx, #MicrosoftGraph, #PowerPlatform, #Azure  #womenintech

Looking Ahead to 2024

This March, I will continue my (now) tradition of daily Twitter posts highlighting remarkable women in the tech industry. (in the third year it is ok to call it a tradition, right?)

Join Us in Celebrating Women in Tech

Join me in celebrating Women’s History Month. Follow my daily Twitter posts this March and learn about remarkable women in technology. Together, we can honor the achievements of these incredible women and inspire the next generation of female tech leaders.

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