Delegate365 changelog 9.3-Service health

2021-12-08 | Toni Pohl

Microsoft announced the retirement of the Microsoft Service Communications API (Msg MC299902). Therefore, we changed the service health components in Delegate365 to use the successor API functions with immediate effect and to get more data. A new setup of Delegate365 is required. See the details here.

The Service health module in Delegate365 shows, what´s happening in a specific Microsoft 365 tenant at a glance to all authorized users. Contrary to the required authorizations in M365, this is not necessary in Delegate365. All admins can view the service health and the message center posts.

With this update, this module changed.

Since the old Service health API will be deactivated on December 17th, 2021, it is required for a Delegate365 Admin to renew the Delegate365 app and to consent to the new required permissions as a global administrator. Pls. see the article Run the Delegate365 setup and follow the steps.

All Delegate365 tenants will be upgraded to the new version this December.

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