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Dataverse for Teams-Governance Aspects

Microsoft enabled a new feature for Microsoft Teams: Dataverse (former Common Data Services -CDS) for Teams. It empowers Teams Owner to create PowerApps directly in Teams without any additional storage space for its data (e.g. a SharePoint List)


To achieve that every "Power App enabled Team" gets its own Power App Environment.


But there are some things to consider:

  • Power Platform Admins can NOT control the creation of Teams (Dataverse) Environments - the only way is to disable the Teams App "Power Apps" via Teams App Policies
  • The maximum number of Teams with a attached Dataverse Space is 500 - which might be a to small for large companies
  • Teams Environments get a 2 GB Dataverse (former CDS) Space  which does not count against the  overall Dataverse capacity quota - as long as you stay in the 2 GB Limt
  • If you need more Dataverse space - Admins will be able (in the future) to convert Teams Dataverse Environments into Production Environments - after that, the former Teams Environment Dataverse size *will* count against the overall quota and additional licenses to access the Dataverse might be needed (not included in Standard E3)
  • Currently this "convert" feature is not available (
    (It seems that Microsoft is working on additional Governance settings in the Power Platform Admin center to control the Teams Dataverse Environments creation, but it is not ready now)
  • The change from Teams to Production Environment will impact a license change: Teams End Users (licensed through E3) will need a Power App Premium license to access the Dataverse in the Production Environm

I would recommend:

  • Try to get control over the Power Platform environment creation process.
  • Identify the Users that have already created Teams Dataverse Environments
  • Inform them that their Environment will be switched into production - and they will need an additional licenses. Or they change the Data Storage option from Dataverse into e.g. SharePoint List (which is covered by E3)
  • Until that convert process is triggered - Force the usage of "Shared Power Apps" App in Teams via the Teams App Permission Policies - only selected "Teams App Makers", who are instructed about possible license impacts get the "Power Apps" App via a separated Teams App Permission Policies


Stay tuned


Comments (2) -

  • Karin

    12/15/2020 9:59:10 AM |

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like a good option for an existent governance plan for power services. Unfortunately many companies do not engage in any governance plans and simply unleash the tools to the end users, which results in quite a mess - which subsequently needs to be corrected at some point in time (with a lot of efforts, quire some investments and with a big impact on the end users). Perhaps its worthwhile to establish a "governance calculator" to show in money how important it is to invest into governance.

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