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Delegate365 version 1.2

Delegate365 changelog version 1.2

August 2013

  • Added an overview about licenses per region (OU) into the dashboard.
  • User license: Fixed a Javascript error when selecting all licenses.

September 2013

  • Added a simple license management:
  • Now the portal admin can define custom names for the available licenses, f.e. “External workers licenses” instead of “Exchangedeskless”.
  • Portal Admin can define which OU gets what license and limit to a number of maximum licenses.
  • Admins can see the number of licenses for their OU´s.
  • New function for requesting licenses for admins. So an admin can request new licenses in a form. This is a simple workflow, the portal admin gets the information, buys new licenses, adds them to the tenant and informs the admin how many licenses he got. This is a feature some of our customers requested for simplifying the whole order process.
  • Portal Admins can now define which admins get the “import users” and the “distribution lists” modules by activating the switches in “manage admins”. This is good for distinguishing between experienced IT-admins (who are able to perform multi user import tasks or have the rights to create new distribution lists) and standard-admins.