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Bye bye charms bar... News about Windows 9

TheVerge has collected (inofficial) information about the next version of Microsoft Windows - which is expected to be named Windows 9 (AKA "Threshold") and planned to come to market next spring (2015), see the details here:

Windows 9 will kill Microsoft's awkward Charms menu, introduce virtual desktops


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Sources of the TheVerge-article are Winbeta (Windows 9 Threshold...), ZDNet (Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Windows 'Threshold' expected to add virtual desktops, drop charms) and Neowin (Windows Threshold: Here come the virtual desktops).

Virtual desktops is a concept used in many Linux systems. It seems this will come to the next Windows version too. Keyboard and mouse users will get improvements for apps and the Windows 8 charms-bar will be gone. I bet there will also be a ton of additional new features. Let´s see what really will come in the next version of Windows ... right now there´s the time for speculations Zwinkerndes Smiley