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Delegate365 changelog version 4.5-converting mailboxes in all directions

In IT business fall time often is the most productive (stressy) time period of the year. We see that and the great demand for our solution Delegate365 as well. After summer holiday season we also have been productive and implemented some outstanding feature requests in Delegate365.

With Delegate365 version 4.5 mailbox conversions in all directions have been added. In this article we start with the mailbox conversions, part two covers the new automatic license assignments.

  • Convert a regular mailbox to a shared mailbox or a resource mailbox: This feature in the users module is existing in D365 since some versions, just mentioning for completeness. Admins can convert a user's mailbox (a regular mailbox) to a shared mailbox or to a resource mailbox easily.
  • Info: Before you can convert a user to a shared mailbox or to a resource, there must be a (temporary) Office 365 license set for that user object. Then the menus for converting appear and the conversion can be made. 
  • Shared mailboxes: Convert to regular mailbox and Convert to resource mailbox: In the Shared mailboxes module these two functions have been added. They allow to convert a shared mailbox to a regular (user) mailbox or to a resource mailbox.
    When doing this, the task pane opens and asks for confirmation.
    By clicking Convert the conversation starts. This usually takes some seconds up to about one minute.
    If the process succeeded, the shared mailbox disappears from the list...
    ...and will be found in the users list.
  • The same process works when converting a shared mailbox to a resource (and all operations vice versa).
  • Remember: A mailbox can be of type "user", "shared mailbox" or "resource". Every mailbox in reality can be seen in the "users" list (if assigned). An Office 365 license can only be assigned to the user object. Shared Mailboxes and resources do not need an Office 365 license.
  • Users: Convert to a resource: When converting a user (with a license) to a resource, the type has to be selected.
    Since all mailboxes are "user" objects in the background, the object stays in the users list.
    ...but can be found in the resources list as well.
  • The mailbox conversions in Delegate365 support all kind of changing a mailbox: converting from user to shared mailbox or resource and all directions of converting from shared mailbox or resource to user and vice versa.

See part two for information about automatic license assignments.