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Insider Dev Tour 2019 Vienna

Yesterday, the Insider Dev Tour 2019 took place in our home town Vienna, organized from the community for the community. About 60 attendees joined us at this beautiful summer day in the Microsoft Office in Vienna.


See some snapshots from the #InsiderDevTour event in our Sway here.

Many thanks to the team and to Gerwald Oberleitner, Martina Grom, Thomy Gölles, Christoph Wille, Stefan Bauer, Martin A. Ullrich, Shehata Haroun, Andi Pollak, Christian Nagel and Christian Waha, Bernadette Welly and Georg Binder! Our special thanks to Gerwald Oberleitner from Microsoft for delivering the keynote and to our colleague Martin A. Ullrich for the organization support and for jumping in into the 2nd session!

We hope everybody had a great time and the latest Build content is useful for your apps!