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Impressions from Techorama 2023

In mid-May we had the pleasure of attending our first in-person conference in beautiful Antwerp. Techorama mainly focuses on developer technologies, architecture, but also on Modern Workplace and Data and Power Platform. This year the conference had the theme "Jungle Edition". The entire conference and details were jungle themed, including team outfit, exhibitors and even a waterfall. What a great (jungle) experience!


Techorama boasts an impressive lineup of renowned speakers and experts from various domains, attracting attendees with broad offerings. The hallmark of any great conference lies in its ability to deliver engaging and enlightening content, and Techorama certainly excelled in this aspect with about 2000 participants. Attendees could immerse themselves in the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, developing technologies, cloud computing, data analytics, DevOps, and much more. We held two sessions at the conference.

  • Power up your Team Members with Viva Engage and Viva connections (Martina Grom & Toni Pohl) about real life examples how Viva connections can be integrated in the life of a Frontline worker with static and dynamic Adaptive Cards, beginning from no code, to code.
  • Governance and Administration for the Power Platform (Martina Grom & Toni Pohl) how to identify critical factors for successful governance in the Microsoft Power Platform with the help of COE, Power BI, and custom flows to detect what´s happening in the platform, and to react accordingly.

The Kinepolis Antwerpen venue was very suitable and offered enough space. Presenting in a big screen cinema was great and everything was perfectly organized.

Here´s a snapshot from a session from Rainer Stropek how to detect (AI-generated) jungle animals with C# Pattern Matching...


...and a session with Michele Leroux Bustamante about Authentication mechanisms.
This room entrance had the "waterfall" that you had to walk through and and a moving King Kong statue to give a shock to people. Winking smile


The conference fosters a vibrant (mostly developers) community, encouraging networking and collaboration among attendees. In addition, the expo was full of different suppliers (each booth had its own jungle animal theme) and full with people during the breaks.

We enjoyed being part of Techorama!


You can find some visual impressions online at the official Techorama 2023 Belgium in flickr website, on Twitter, and in many other Social Media channels. be back on May 6-7-8 2024 with a new theme!