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You know you´re from Vienna when...

Recently I found a group in facebook with the title above. As I´m very curious, I read the article and decided not to hold back this great stuff for non-facebook-users - those of you who are facebook-members can also read the text here. Enjoy!


You know you're from Vienna when

- you of course drink your beer in the streets

- you pass underground stations which Otto Wagner has built

- you understand the guy in the Ubahn when he says "Zug fährt ab"

- you don't think it is strange when someone has never been to a district outside the Gürtel

- you can tell of people's dialects from which district they are

- you don't think it's strange when all the students knocking the old wooden tables at the end of each class at university

- you don't think it is strange drinking beer at flex with a business man next to a sandler

- you know the guy at schottentor who wants money to call his wife in the hospital since years!

- you know how to get home from the Arena in the middle of the night when you missed the last subway...

- you would NEVER move to another district

- you can't believe you can't go to the opera for 2 euros each night anywhere else

- you know it is normal to smell horse in the middle of the city

- you know you can go to the subway without a ticket easily

- and you know how the Schwarzkappler look like when they get into the train

- you act like putting money into the newspaper bags at weekend, but really stealing it.

- you know what "A Eitrige mit an Buckl und an Blech" means and where to get the best ones in the middle of the night.

- you are surprised if a waiter is friendly and fast

- at summertime you don't get stopped from dressed-up-like-Mozart people who want to sell you tickets to overprized bad tourist concerts because they know you would never attend a concert in summer

- you think it is normal that no one is working from friday noon until monday morning.

- you know the Würstlstandbesitzer by name

- you think Kaiserin Sissi was a bitch.

- you've never been to a Sängerknaben-Konzert or Lippizaner-Show and will never do so.

- you know the difference between a Fiaker, an Einspänner, a Melange, a Großer Brauner and which one you like most.

- you boycott starbucks.

How true (says a Viennese)!