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Delegate365 changelog 9.7-Improvements

The current version of Delegate365 v9.7 comes with some improvements. See the details here.

  • SMTP Authentication in Users / Mailbox settings: A new switch SMTP Authentication has been added to the Mailbox settings of a User. This allows, see Enable or disable authenticated client SMTP submission (SMTP AUTH) in Exchange Online.  Usually, Microsoft recommends to disable SMTP AUTH in your Exchange Online organization and to enable it only for the accounts (mailboxes) that still require it. If security defaults is enabled in your organization, SMTP AUTH is already disabled in Exchange Online. However, admins can modify this setting in the Mailbox features section. The SMTP Authentication dropdown allows to set the setting to On, Off, and Organization settings. which means that the settings for the user are inherited from the organizationĀ“s transportation rules settings.
    This setting corresponds to the setting in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, under Users / Active Users / Select a user / Manage Email Apps / Authenticated SMTP switch or with PowerShell. In PowerShell, this setting is set with Set-TransportConfig and Set-CASMailbox with an attribute named SmtpClientAuthenticationDisabled, where the organization settings are equal to $null, On means $false, and Off means $true. This is simplified in Delegate365 to be more understandable.
  • SMTP Authentication in Mailboxes / Shared mailboxes settings: SMTP authentication settings have also been added to the Shared Mailboxes module in the settings section as described above.
  • License names and quotas: As described in Delegate365 changelog 9.6, Delegate365 is updating Microsoft friendly license names (SKUĀ“s) and plans automatically. If Microsoft has revoked a license and a quota is defined for that license in Delegate365, the Licenses / quotas list now shows [SKU no longer available] in the list. This allows administrators to find the quota and license, and to delete and recreate this quota if necessary.
  • Smart sync Room Lists: The synchronization of Room Lists now works with Graph instead of Exchange Online. Therefor, the smart sync setting has been added for Room Lists as well. This allows Delegate365 to make larger deletions only dependent on confirmation if the Enable Smart sync setting is set to Yes.
  • Fixed Permission Policy: The module Administrators permission was not working if the module for Administrators was enabled, and some modules within that menu were allowed, but Administrators was disallowed. This has been fixed.
  • Small fixes: Fixing a bug in the syncing of Distribution Groups, fixing Licenses quotas sorting by column SKU Display Name, report Report / Intune / Managed Devices columns PrimaryUser and EnrolledUserId added to clarify, and other small fixes.
  • Framework updates: The Exchange backend services have been optimized and upgraded to .NET 8 (LTS) framework and the latest Exchange Online API.

The Delegate365 v9.7 update has been rolled out to all customers already. No customer interaction is required.