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Delegate365 version 1

This is part 1 of our changelog for our product Delegate 365.

The purpose is to provide a web-portal for delegating administrative tasks for Microsoft Office 365 customers to ease managing tasks within a company or organization.

The situation in larger companies as well as in educational services (with maybe thousands of email-accounts) is that a global administrator or the central IT-departement has a lot of work in performing basic tasks like creating and updating email-accounts and assigning rights for users. In the Office 365 portal there exist roles, but all administrative roles always have access to all users – not only groups of users.

With Delegate365 a global administrator defines some local administrators within his company or organization who shall be able to manage only their qualified domains and their own organizational units (OU´s). So a local admin only sees his users and can only create and manage users within his OU. There´s no need for a hand over of managing Office 365 user tasks to a global IT, standard tasks can be fulfilled immediately.

Delegate365 uses Windows Active Directory (WAAD) and is storing some metadata in a SQL Azure database. Delegate365 is available in Windows Azure websites (with SQL Azure behind).

The target groups for this app are larger companies, educational facilities and all kind of associations who (want to) use Office 365 services like Exchange, Lync or even SharePoint or Microsoft CRM.

May 2013

  • Renamed our solution “Office 365 Self Service Portal” to “Delegate 365”.
  • Fixed: Create User: error if no license was assigned to the new user.
  • Fixed: The Dashboard now only shows all numbers and assigned data for the signed in administrator (OU admin).
  • Moved the client config from file to database and built a new form for modifying this data.
  • New form “assign ou” for portal admin to define which users belong to which OU with mass assignment.
  • Import users from CSV: Added a new column for OU. The import format is the same as in Office 365 but with this new column at the end. CSV Import file can be up to 100 users. The import file is checked before import. If errors occur, the admin gets a detailed message and the import will not run.
  • Improved CSS formats.
  • When starting the app we now do a Sync Domains and Sync Groups automatically (the same function as in the administrator dashboard where the portal admin can click the buttons manually).
  • Some minor fixes and relabeling in the UI (“Cancel” now is “Back” in some forms)
  • Company can be editied by portal admin with click onto the company name.

June 2013

  • Fixed: Sometimes error “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” occured when using form “users” or “assign ou”. Microsofts GraphAPI officially has a limit of delivering 999 user objects, but in reality this error happens mostly about reading 300 users. Workaround built in.
  • User Alias: Sometimes an error “The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.” occured. Fixed.
  • User license: All license types were shown before. Now only the licenses can be defined for the OU, so the OU admin sees only his licenses.
  • Assign OU: “Mark all” didn´t mark all users in the non visible pages. Fixed.
  • Now the logged in user is shown in the top right corner.
  • Exchange Account password field now shows only stars when typing (password field).
  • UI: Footer position fixed.
  • website has been launched.

July 2013

  • After a lot of tests version 1 of Delegate 365 has been launched.