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Get or update your M365 developer tenant

In case you do not already have a Microsoft 365 developer subscription or if you have an old Microsoft 365 tenant with E3 licenses running: You can now get a new M365 developer subscription with 25 users with E5 licenses and demo content. See more here.

You just need a MSA or a Microsoft 365 school or work account. Open the address, and click on the Join now link.


, and fill out the short form and submit...


If you already have such a M365 developer subscription, go to

Here, you can delete the "old" subscription with your E3 licenses and exchange it against a new developer subscription with E5 licenses as here.


I recommend to install the sample data packs to have some users (from AdeleW to PradeepG) to have some content in the developer tenant.

Note: The Microsoft 365 Developer Program offers this service for developers for free. This environment is for developing solutions and for demo purposes only as a part of the Developer Services. Please respect that and check the Terms and conditions.

Happy developing with your developer E5 tenant!

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  • Ron

    1/21/2021 9:07:03 AM |

    Is the content of the old subscription deleted when I upgrade to the new one?