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Delegate365 changelog 9.2.5-Updates

All Delegate365 tenants have been updated to the latest version v9.2.5. This enables the use of the new service health dashboard and new functions.

So: If your health dashboard is not displayed correctly, please run the Delegate365 setup again (see here). This will renew the Delegate365 app with the necessary permissions for the operations. After the setup is completed, Delegate365 can be used again and the new extended service health dashboard will show the current tenant status. Otherwise, no setup is currently required. However, you can always do a setup to renew the Delegate365 app and ensure all required permissions are in place.

Delegate365 v9.2.5 includes some new features and some minor improvements and fixes. You can find a list of the latest features of Delegate365 v9.2.3, v9.2.4 and v9.2.5 here:

For the latest Delegate365 fixes, see the following articles:

The next version Delegate365 v9.3 is in preparation and will be rolled out in summer.